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2 What It Takes to be a Socialite!“Gilding Lily” [Avon A, on sale: 9/9/08] author Tatiana Boncompagni offers sage advice on what it takes to be an “it” girl.

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2 funkamentalistic of brain traverse space session #10021people say to me ”why you play the guitar?”
I say to them ”because Funk is there”
I seek for the impossibility of my guitar.
my brain promise to funk in the name of George Clinton. playing seriously is important! may be…

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BQ — Who is there most "infamous" band member ?

BQ2 – …of what famous Band ?? icon wink What are your favorite albums/tracks by "La Dusseldorf"?

I used to love "Cha Cha 2000" from "Viva". I really need to listen to this band again.

BQ – Klaus Dinger
BQ2 – Neu!

I am 23, and am looking for a nice, cute jacket for the spring/summer. All I wear now are zip hoodies but need something for a little bit nicer occasions – nothing too fancy though, something to go with jeans or khakis.
Here is one I am looking into – what color?

very cute!! Get the black one!!

answer mine?;_ylt=AlQn.ejWPZGLAaNUM73KMaHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090415125219AAFzMbH

The name of the brand and maybe a website please.

Erm, it might be a bape or ice cream jacket.. but it honestly looks like a custom jacket.. my home boy got his jacket like that, he got his jacket a paint job… so it’s probably just custom, if not, check out ice cream and bape jackets.

Does anyone know where a teenager can volunteer? It has to be near 10021.

You can volunteer for your local fire department, they do medical things as well as the ambulance, and usually respond faster.

Smart Card Enrollment Agent
No certificate templates could be found. You do not have permissions to request.
If you attempt to enroll a certificate as smart card enrollment agent, you may receive this error message if none of the templates that are assigned to your CA requires an authorized signature. A certificate template must require in its issuance requirements, the signature purpose.

You may also see this error if the computer that acts as an enrollment station is not a domain member of your Active Directory forest. You cannot use a computer that is a workgroup member or a member of an un-trusted Active Directory domain. An enrollment station that is not registered properly in Active Directory will report DCOM error 10006 and error 10021 in its System event log.

Custom smart card template is not available on the smart card enrollment station.
If an enrollment agent navigates to the Smart Card Certificate Enrollment Station, the certificate templates may not be available as expected. Several reasons could cause this error. One of the more common issues is when a custom template with multiple signatures is desired. To resolve this problem, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article for resolution steps at

Another common issue is when the version 2 smart card template does not contain the proper purpose in the Request Handling tab of the Certificate Templates MMC Snap-In. The purpose must be “signature and smart card logon” for the template to appear on the Web enrollment pages.

2 drop dead gorgeous socialites: part oneOn Friday the 13th, pop!talk was invited by jetsetting socialite Jules Kirby and United Creators to a private viewing of New York artist Skye Nicolas’ collaboration with Marlon Richards.

In part one of this special pop!talk money report, pop!talk superstars Yellow Peril and Ebonia hit the SoHo art scene for a world exclusive interview with Skye Nicolas and to mingle with bold-faced names in the world of art, music, media and high society.

Special tx to for marked photos in “beautiful dirty rich” montage.


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2 First Leeds Wright Fusion Artic B10LA 10021taken again on 10021 from leeds city square to holt park.bus had mad flashing lights after leaving city square which can be seen in the vid,also had squeaking when turning corners.

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I met someone in the net and offered me for a visa in US. I already paid all the processing fee and other extra fee they need for the easy process of my visa application. I grab the opportunity althoug it getting too hard for me specially in my lack of financial sources. I then took the risk of paying everything with their promise that I could get it back for refund. Until now, I dont get any single amount of my refund and the visa as well. I often asked her to give me the web site of their embassy but she refuse. She have even doubting me for not trusting her. whay should I do? I need my money back badly.. for I need to send my remittance in our hometown in the philippines.. Im just an ordinary overseas worker working in Dubai. Please, help me.. anyone there……

I did a quick search and there are no Consulate Generals for that address.;_ylt=Am.Z4LY_GgjxSD.C7fEE_WyHNcIF?stx=consulate+general&csz=5+east%2C+34th+street%2C+New+York%2C+New+york+10021&fr=dd-local-more

Just so you know, this is not a correct link to a US embassy. For a list of US Embassys, go to

My best advice to you is to report this person to your local authorities. They may be able to help you out. You should never give your money to someone claiming to give you an easy fix unless they ca prove beyond a reasonable doubt with proof that they are who they say they are, they work for who they say they work for, and they can keep good on their promise made to you.