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Did you watch Real Housewives of New York: Sex Lessons, Pearl Handcuffs and Bondage Toys
Alex McCord gave pearl handcuffs to Bethenny Frankel at the bachelorette party on Poison Island.

On ebay there is a seller who sells them in a very reasonable price. Try this

no she looks like a box

Y_S_L: Follow us tomorrow! Sneak preview of the Men’s S/S 11 Presentation at 1PM (Paris time)
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 THE CINEMA SOCIETY & 2(x)IST host a screening of "TWELVE"

Landmark Sunshine Cinemal, NYC
©Patrick McMullan
Photo Patrick McMullan/

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 M MISSONI to Host Summer Celebration Featuring a Special Performance by OH LAND

Le Bain at The Standard Hotel, NYC
© Patrick McMullan

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Dior_US: Sofia Coppola for Dior Cherie—again.htm
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Dior_US: MAJOR Dior Homme fall feature in the new issue of @theblockmag
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Kenmare So I Stopped By Kenmare On Tuesday...
All this hubub over Kenmare and I decided to check it out.  I went to Civetta a few times and I knew the space had potential if a few changes were made.
I was told it was tame on the night I went but it was a pretty good time. Members of the 100 club were in attendance (the same 100 people you see at every party… ever) and the music was pretty good.
I immediately began comparing it to the Beatrice Inn, but I stopped myself because that shouldn’t be done. Beatrice is NOT a franchise and there will never be another Beatrice dammit!
I like Kenmare because the party is clean, the music is not too loud and there are lots of interesting people at the party. It’s more of a place to catch up with friends over cocktails than to get blackout drunk with a stranger.
166332020612194039 4488941098112212763?l=www.chichi212 So I Stopped By Kenmare On Tuesday...

 So I Stopped By Kenmare On Tuesday...
 So I Stopped By Kenmare On Tuesday...

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President+Barack+Obama+and+Anna+Wintour President Barack Obama Went To Anna Wintours House

To be a fly on the wall at that party. Last night people forked over $30,400 to have dinner with the President of the United States at the house of the President of Fashion.
There were no reporters allowed so no one actually knows what happened, but The Cut imagined a pretty funny convo between the two leaders of the free world.
[Photo via]
166332020612194039 6660960201863512847?l=www.chichi212 President Barack Obama Went To Anna Wintours House

 President Barack Obama Went To Anna Wintours House
 President Barack Obama Went To Anna Wintours House

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f0ae139af3dbc4c3 araujo runway swim 2011 mbfw.large Miami Fashion Week Recap

In Miami it is constantly hot, and Mercedes Benz Swimwear Fashion week has caused South Florida to get even hotter. Even the humidity couldn’t ruin the good times. The week-long event produced miraculous bathing suits, of which they are so gorgeous that the beach isn’t worthy to come in contact.

A.Z Araujo designs shimmered under the spotlights from the Swarovski crystal embellishments; the black and white suits were well constructed to fit the models, but due to the laced-up one pieces and the corset-like tops, the collection seemed more like lingerie rather than swimsuits. Onto newer territories, the Brazilian company A. Z Araujo, launched his jewelry collection for its premier run at Miami Fashion Week. I compliment the designer for pairing and creating beautiful jewels such as bauble necklaces and hoop earrings that are the perfect size–just big enough, without taking any attention off the suits.

Those who had the pleasure of viewing the show included Real Housewives: Nene Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, Kim Zolciak, and Kandi Burruss. Being a perfect time to be cheesy, the housewives weren’t “tardy for the party”.

A timeless swimsuit collection that will last for many trips to the pool was the Marysia Swimwear line. This was definitely one of the best shows out of the entire week. The swimwear tops were ruched at the bust and the pale pastels complimented all hues of sun kissed skin. What was interesting was the Asian influence. It added a perfect touch to the models walking on the catwalk–who were also topped off with a Thai straw hat–merging textures between the straw and the silky sundresses.

Free as a bird was Kooey Swimwear collection. The models were adorned with black plucked feathers around their neck and tousled hair. Beginning with traditional string bikinis then progressing into geometric one-pieces and finally high-waisted bottoms paired with strapless tops in mostly a red hue, peach, orange, and tangerine. The tribal outlook on the collection could not be overlooked as seen through the use of feathers: near the bangles, in the model’s hair, and even in the swimsuits themselves as shoulder pieces. However, the best piece out of the collection that works with all body types was the ruched high waisted black bottoms. Whatever tummy bulge you may have is hidden beneath the ruching–much better than doing reps of crunches.

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