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2 Skinny Girl Margarita from Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives NYLet me know if youve tried Skinny Girl Products or if their sold in your area?

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2 Yves Saint Laurent LHomme cologne fragrance review!!Song: Escape the Fate-Situations

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Y_S_L: Back from New York City!
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 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards   Arrivals

Nokia Theatre LA Live, Los Angeles, Ca
©Patrick McMullan

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 HBO EMMY After Party

Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, Ca
©Patrick McMullan

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Dior_US: Sam Trammell in Dior Homme #TrueBlood #Emmys
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Dior_US: @JustJared She is in a Dior gown.
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Kim+Kardashian+Fragrance+Ad Kim Kardashians Fragrance Line To [Possibly] Be Dropped From Sephora

I think after the big debacle with Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian has learned not to put all her eggs in one basket. Kardashian, along with her manufacturing and branding company Lighthouse Beauty, originally agreed to exclusively sell her fragrance at Sephora. But her contract is coming to a close and the reality-tv star has decided to spread her legs wings and check out Target and Macy’s.

Of course Sephora is upset as her fragrance is a top-seller. I’ve never smelled the scent, but apparently being famous for no reason smells wonderful… paging Paris Hilton. Sources are saying the PTB have plans to pull the line from their shelves and have already cancelled some of her in-store appearances.

But after watching her tape with Ray J, people should know you can’t keep Kardashian on her back for too long. She has plans to debut a second fragrance in February 2011. My guess is all launch parties will coincide with Fall Fashion Week 2011. 

Kim make speak slow and blink a lot, but she’s not stupid. Not at all.

Sephora, Kim Kardashian squabble [Page Six]

166332020612194039 4464897142602524333?l=www.chichi212 Kim Kardashians Fragrance Line To [Possibly] Be Dropped From Sephora

 Kim Kardashians Fragrance Line To [Possibly] Be Dropped From Sephora
 Kim Kardashians Fragrance Line To [Possibly] Be Dropped From Sephora

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Nicole+John+Dies+After+Night+At+Tenjune Another Nail In The Nightlife Coffin: Ambassadors Daughter Found Dead After Night At Tenjune

Is Nicole John the Jennifer Moore of 2010? If the latter name sounds familiar it is because she was the last incident the NYPD were willing to deal with before completely shutting down on 27th Street. Moore, 18, was abducted, raped and beaten after a night at Guesthouse

John, 17, made headlines this weekend when she fell 22 stories to her death at
Herald Towers after a night out at Tenjune. She was at a friend’s house when she is said to have tried to climb onto the ledge, possibly to take a picture, and fell from the 25th floor down to the 3rd. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nicole+John+Dies+After+Night+At+Tenjune+2 Another Nail In The Nightlife Coffin: Ambassadors Daughter Found Dead After Night At Tenjune
The big question on everyone’s mind is how did she get in? Well everyone who doesn’t work in nightlife. John had a Brazilian driver’s license that said she was of age, but even if she had a very good fake, that is not where the trouble lies.
The only acceptable IDs that show proof of age are United States/Canadian state-issued government IDs or passports. The ID she showed was neither. But did you see her photo? She is a cute girl and it’s a second-tier club. You do the math.

Ilan Nassimi, was hosting the party where John died, and he is being charged with serving alcohol to a minor. He’ll probably get off on the same logic that doesn’t hold someone accountable for buying an underage girl a drink at the club. If she’s inside, it’s safe to assume she’s 21.

But how did they find out she was at Tenjune? They looked through her camera of course.
The NYPD sent an underage girl to Tenjune on Saturday. Luckily for them, she was denied entry. But outside Tenjune, SL, 1Oak and Avenue, girls are sharing info on which clubs aren’t carding, asking who can smuggle out an ID from the inside and complaining that they never get carded, while bouncers are saying they’re being extra strict because of an “incident” that just occurred. All of this right on the sidewalk where reporters can hear and police can make arrests.

The real question is, what can be done? In an industry fueled by models and where a promoter’s mass text list is composed of girls under 21 and some even under 18, is there even a sense in trying? In reality how many clubs actually care? Being hot and/or having money is really the only requirement for getting into many of the best places. State-issued government IDs be damned.

Someone needs to sit down and really think about this. With the amount of sharing on social networks, it’s going to be easier than ever to bust clubs. Did a girl under 21 just check-in to your club on foursquare? Busted. Are there photos of a girl under 21 drinking champagne in your club in front your mural/wall of letters/epileptic seizure inducing back wall? Busted.

Next thing you know the streets will be closed and police officers on horseback will be up and down Ninth and Tenth Avenues. We already know what happened the last time we saw these scenes… just take a look at 27th street.

Nightlife is already struggling. We really don’t need another nail in the coffin.

Interesting piece of info: According to promoters on twitter, Tenjune will be closed on Tuesday.

Ambassador’s Daughter Falls to Death [NYT]
Nicole John’s phony Brazilian driver’s license never should have gotten her into club Tenjune [Daily News]
Underage drinkers still trying to slip into Tenjune, where teen Nicole John partied before death [Daily News]
Nicole John, daughter of US ambassador to Thailand Eric John, posts, ‘All a blur,’ before plunge [Daily News]
166332020612194039 4565252629238809424?l=www.chichi212 Another Nail In The Nightlife Coffin: Ambassadors Daughter Found Dead After Night At Tenjune

 Another Nail In The Nightlife Coffin: Ambassadors Daughter Found Dead After Night At Tenjune
 Another Nail In The Nightlife Coffin: Ambassadors Daughter Found Dead After Night At Tenjune

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cda9362a6ad70d10 symphony space.large Impressions: An Evening of Dance

On Thursday August 26th truly creative, passionate, and talented dancers expressed an array of human emotion through performance at Symphony Space. “Impressions: An Evening of Dance” featured members of the much applauded Complexions Contemporary Ballet. The event included works by YouTube Sensation Chaz Buzan, Amber Perkins from School of the Arts, as well as many other talented choreographers. Each Impression piece was dedicated to someone the dance community has lost to cancer or who is currently battling the disease. Portions of the proceeds went directly to The American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

A quick glance at a few of the performances…

  • Dance was used as communication between body and soul in My Body is a Cage and Brother in Arms, both choreographed by Rony Blak-McGarry.
  • A beautiful body, clarity of line, and graciousness of spirit, were seen all three peformances: dancer/choreographer Jason Luks, The Dedication choreographed by Chaz Buzan, and Cold Water choreographed by Joelle Casentino.
  • Fire, intellegence, and expression of feeling were seen in Dena’h Gregory– choreographed by TOKYO aka Kevin Inouye.
  • Joelle Cosentino and James Kinney displayed shameless curiosity and raw passion in The Fusion.
  • The dynamic Souls of the Ship, choreographed by Casey Castellano, created a group movement  to stir the senses and evoke emotions from the audience.
  • Innocent first love was well expressed in I’ll Be Seeing You and Unravel– both choreographed by Amber Perkins.


Watching these amazing performances reminded me of an eloquent statement by Martha Graham“Dance is the hidden language of the soul expressed through magnificance of the human body.” After an event like this one, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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