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Bergdorfs: RT @THELOVEMAGAZINE: Ann D-1st look…
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Bergdorfs: If you can swing it, today begs for a fishtail braid. It’s tighter, sleeker & makes any look chic.chic.chic
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Y_S_L: Les derniers sacs Collector Manifesto s’arrachent blvd Haussmann!
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Y_S_L: YSL wishes Vogue France a happy 90th Birthday!
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FW10 might be all about camel coats and a neutral palette, but come spring, fashion will be sporting a slew of candy-colored shades. The message at Milan Fashion Week, at least in terms of color, is loud and clear, bright and cheerful. Prada led the week’s crusade for color with a collection that included vibrant splashes of oranges, greens, and blues, by way of structured garments and sumptuous fur accessories. When Skittle-toned hues weren’t served up in monochromatic ensembles, they surfaced in banana prints and bold stripes. Jil Sander’s catwalk was likewise awash in bright shades. Raf Simons, a critics’ favorite this season, played with flowing, floor-length silhouettes in a color wheel Rothko would have approved of.
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Gansevoort Park Avenue, NYC
©Patrick McMullan

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 AVENUE ANTIQUES & ART AT THE ARMORY Celebrates With An Opening Night Preview

September 29, 2010
© Patrick McMullan

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Apotheke Would You Pay $65 For A Cocktail At Apotheke?
Over at Blackbook one of their writers had the luxury of tasting the Pebbles and Diamonds cocktail; One of 10 concoctions being served up at Apotheke.
The drink cost a whopping $65 and is off the first reserve cocktail list in New York. All of the cocktails are said to cost at least seven times more than your average drink.
I understand this is not your run-of-the-mill vodka cranberry but I don’t know if I’d pay that much for something I’ll be peeing out in 4 hours.
I’m too old to be drinking cheap vodka from a promoters table, but my budget will definitely not allow for picking up a round of drinks off this menu. I guess the question is now where can we get a decent cocktail without bouncing the rent check next month?

This is something I may have to explore.
166332020612194039 5596114265787297585?l=www.chichi212 Would You Pay $65 For A Cocktail At Apotheke?

 Would You Pay $65 For A Cocktail At Apotheke?
 Would You Pay $65 For A Cocktail At Apotheke?

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Rodeo+Bar ChiChi Eats: Rodeo Bar
My date and I had the delicious pleasure of heading over to Rodeo Bar to check out their menu. Themed restaurants always make me nervous because I never know if they are focusing more on the gimmick or the food. I was pleasantly surprised because not only did I not see a mechanical bull (that I would have felt compelled to ride after a few margaritas) but the overall experience was pretty awesome.
We walked in and were greeted by the hottest emo-looking waiter I have ever seen in my life – Ever. I don’t know his name because I wasn’t listening when he told me, but he was DELICIOUS. I do remember him saying he had a girlfriend, but she’s only using him for the free food so that won’t last long.
Rodeo+Bar+2 ChiChi Eats: Rodeo Bar

We were given a basket of peanuts to start with and after some confusion realized we were just supposed to throw the shells on the floor. I guess this was a super casual tex-mex kind of place. We were also brought a huge basket of chips and salsa. I knew this would be a great experience because we never ran out of salsa. I triple dip so there is never enough, but emo-boy made sure I was taken care of.

For drinks we decided on the frozen lime margaritas and they were hands down the best flavored margaritas I have ever had. Sorry Brother Jimmy’s but you’ve been bumped. It came in a red solo cup so I wasn’t expecting it to be so good but it had the perfect amount of tequila, flavoring and salt. It was so good I had more than one. I may have had more than two, but I’ll never admit to that.
What we had for appetizers will blow your mind. They are called cowboy kisses and are… wait for it… shrimps in jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon. Yes. Read that again. I’ll wait. They were DELICIOUS. I’m not even going to say anything else because I cannot do them justice.
For entrees we ordered the Carolina pulled pork sandwich and the Barbeque brisket sandwich. Both of these were decent but would have been much better if there was more sauce. Much more sauce. The meat was flavorful and there was plenty of it, but both sandwiches were a little dry. If you like your sandwiches condiment heavy, I would suggest ordering an extra serving of sauce.

Fat+Elvis ChiChi Eats: Rodeo Bar

Dessert more than made up for it when they brought out the Fat Elvis A deep fried banana chimichanga with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. I almost threw up eating the whole thing but I didn’t care because it was soooo good. My date tried to help but I wasn’t really trying to share.

So overall the food was great and I was definitely full when I left. But the best part of the night may have been the live music. There was a Brazilian bluegrass band playing called Matuto and they were PHENOMENAL! You really need to go to their myspace (I know  I know) and check out their music immediately!

If you’re looking for a casual place to eat some good food (for a very low price), have some delicious margaritas and listen to live music (which they have every night), there is no better place to go than Rodeo Bar. Tell them ChiChi212 sent you and maybe they’ll throw in extra cowboy kisses. And if you see the hot emo-waiter hands off. He’s mine!

Rodeo Bar
375 Third Avenue
27th Street

* Special thanks to Meg Toohey for making this delicious night possible!

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 ChiChi Eats: Rodeo Bar
 ChiChi Eats: Rodeo Bar

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Rajini Narayan, a 46-year-old Australian woman whom, for some reason, we feel the need to specify is of ‘indian-origin,’ stands accused of incinerating some of her house and 75-percent of her husband after an attempt at burning ‘only [his] genitals so that he would not ditch her for another woman,’ Alpha News reports today. Neighbor [...]
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