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Welcome to 10021 ny socialites by Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC.

(I am hoping I don’t need a new site for 10065 ny socialites)

We first wanted to answer your

Whom is behind 10021 ny socialites?
What does he want from ny socialites, and can he help us?
How do I contact 10021 ny socialites?(Maybe you want your name removed? Maybe you want your name added?)
Who is 10021 ny socialites run by?
10021 ny socialites is run by Dr. Rob tencer DC, BSc
Why does Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BSC write about 10021 ny socialites?
Dr. Rob Tencer DC, BSC writes the blog for the same reason that patrick mcmullan takes your picture or photos of people like amanda hearst. While we have not worked out the financial gain that Patrick Mcmullan recieves from taking your photo, or showing up to the events you attend, we can be just as much in your face, as patrick Mcmullan. The real reason to making these blogs is that you ny socialites are interesting, and in need of help.
I can’t figure out if you need drug and alcohol addiction recovery assistance, public relations for socialites, damage control for the trouble you get into, or website and blog assistance, a ghost writer for your blog, website, twitter, facebook or just a nice and gentle chiropractic adjustment, from a doctor whom makes house calls.

If you think you can label Dr. Rob Tencer DC,BSC in any one area, think again unless you use esoteric phrases like: worldly, educated, philanthropic, left handed, eccentric, artistic and friendly. One of my favorite phrases in life is: “Its not about acceptance”. If you think Rob Tencer might make a great friend, a new associate, pen pal, than by all means let me know either directly or via comments. If you think you can use me as a punching bag or to talk down to; please know that you better do it anonymously, because I bite back. Some claim I am similar to a scorpion, while others call it the poison pen. Now you have a look into 10021 ny socialites.
xoxo, you know you love me.
(Yes, I watch Gossip Girl, High Society, and miss Dirty Sexy Money)
10021 ny socialites – where I write stories about ny socialites and new york life in the upper east side
Doctor Visits and House Calls (sorry, I don’t write medical prescriptions)
To contact Dr. rob tencer DC,BSc, please email us here: EMAIL THE DOCTOR

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0 Bethenny Frankel on Quitting Reality TelevisionWatch our exclusive interview with the mom and mogul as she talks to iVillage’s Kelly Wallace about her career, her relationship with husband, Jason Hoppy, and her future in reality TV

Watch more iVillage videos at




iVillage on YouTube:
iVillage on Facebook:
iVillage on Twitter:!/iVillage

Duration : 0:3:35

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0 Falling for Grace outtakesThis was one of the temp openings we had tested previous to release.
We thought Slim Films did an amazing job creating this main title sequence.

Duration : 0:1:0

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0 Gossiping GirlThis is a comedic take on the CW Show Gossip Girl – Upper East Side Socialites Chet and D are up to their usual conniving plans, but some mysterious Gossiping Voice keeps narrating what they do.

Anthony Bradford –
Monica Knight –
Cassie Fliegel –

Directed by
Evan Meszaros –

Written by
Anthony Bradford

Zafer Ulkucu –

Tim Cronin

Music by

Duration : 0:2:11

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2“High Society”‘s Paul Johnson Calderon and’s Dan Brickley are old friends…

Duration : 0:0:53

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